Quick Help

Easily to do this:

1. Install the USB drivers for your device before you use Unlock Root Pro. You can usually download the drivers from your device manufacturer's website. Or, if you received a driver CD together with your device, install the drivers using the installer on the CD.

2. Download the Unlock Root Pro.

3. Enable USB Debugging mode on your device. You can do this by going to Settings >Developer options.(Look Here)

4. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable.

5. Run Unlock Root Pro, enter the serial number on the main interface, click ˇ§Goˇ¨ button

6. Unlock Root Pro would connect your device to server and detect the model information automatically.

7. After the identification of your model and Android OS, click ˇ§Rootˇ¨ button to start the root process.

8. There may have prompts during rooting of some devices. Please operate by following the prompts on the interface.

9. Wait for it to complete rooting.

Note: If Unlock Root failed to download drivers for you automatically, you may download and install device driver (or from manufacturer's website) and SDK driver manually and then try Unlock Root.

Enter the serial number

Unlock Root's interface:

Auto-detect your device:

Rooting your device:

If occurs the following cases during rooting, please follow the prompts to press and hold corresponding buttons.